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About Claudia Coral

Claudia Coral founded the Jewelry in 2010, following a degree of “Jewelry Design” from the Panamerican School of Arts in São Paulo (EPA - Brazil) and discovering how to materialize her ideas as expressions of her personality.

She maintained her preference for drawings done by hand, even after undergoing training in 3D graphic design, for she found that hand-drawn tracings translated to genuine and romantic expressions of her creations.

In 2011, Claudia immersed herself in Contemporary Jewelry following a season of studies at the Alchimia School, in Florence, Italy. All of which opened numerous opportunities for her to display her work across the global stage.

Her pieces have been displayed at Galleria D’Arte (Rome, Italy), Galeira Nador (Budapeste, Hungary), as well as Jewelry expositions such as FENINJER (The biggest and most important jewelry expo in Latin America), and CASACOR, which is renowned as the biggest exposition of Design and Architecture in the Americas. 

Claudia had her pieces photographed and eternalized in various Art and Fashion magazines.

All the knowledge that Claudia has absorbed through her career empowered her love for jewelry and design. This feeling of love and accomplishment is found in each individual piece that she designs. 

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